Marine technology products and solutions

Investment thesis

Leader in technology for sustainable fishing, with highest quality offering and premium market positioning
High revenue visibility due to recurring revenue model, underlying demand linked to primary sector and high entry barriers based on technology and quality credentials
Strong growth prospects (international, inorganic and through adjacent business lines)

Value added


  • Strong international expansion (+50% growth in international markets since entry, achieveing #1 position in Asian markets)
  • 3 add-ons to foster internationalization, diversification and efficiency


  • Profitability boost by optimizing the supply chain, internalizing critical processes and redesigning products
  • EBITDA more than doubled in 5 years


  • Professionalization of the company (new chief financial officer, chief technical officer, chief operating officer, chief sustainability officer, head of mergers and acquisitions)
  • Creation of a professionalized Science and Sustainability team to promote and align ESG objectives across all divisions