Investment Criteria

Transaction requirements

  • Majority or minority stakes
  • Controlling influence required independently of the stake held
  • Partner with value added co-investors
  • Prudent approach to leverage

Target companies

  • Solid market positions supported by sustainable competitive advantages
  • Proven capacities to generate cash-flow
  • Attractive organic and/or inorganic growth prospects
  • Experienced and committed management teams


  • Enterprise value of €100-500m per company
  • Equity ticket of €25-75m per investment
  • Capacity to execute larger investments by leveraging and pooling its large co-investment network


  • Multi-sector approach, excluding financial and real-estate sectors


  • Focus on assets with clear strategic value for trade buyers or IPO
  • Patient investor allows to fully carry out strategic plans and to take advantage of the most attractive exit window that meets the company´s objectives